Our Sports Factions



faction banner - mcauley - goldGold Faction is known as McAuley, named after Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Mercy Order of Sisters and whose order started St Gerard’s Primary School in 1965.


The symbols for McAuley Faction include the golden wattle, the floral emblem of Australia. The animal representing McAuley faction is the Golden Eagle as it links with the element of Air and the crest motto, Altius meaning higher.










faction banner - sullivan - greenGreen Faction is known as Sullivan, named after Sr Brigid Sullivan, a Mercy Sister and one of the founding Principals of St Gerard’s Primary School.


The Symbols for Sullivan Faction include the floral emblem of the Shamrock depicting the Irish heritage of many of the religious sisters coming to Australia around the time of the school’s founding. The animal chosen for Sullivan is the horse which links again with the Irish heritage and the earth sign. The crest motto Fortius means stronger, also reinforced through the symbolism of the horse. 









faction banner - quinn - redRed Faction is known as Quinn, named after the late Father Peter Quinn, the first parish priest of our Parish School and served from 1965-1969 who became Bishop of Bunbury.


The Symbols for Quinn Faction include the floral emblem of the Grass Tree, found extensively throughout Western Australia. The animal chosen for Quinn is the Red Kangaroo and the element chosen is fire, symbolic with the colour red. The crest motto, Spiritus means spirit and connects the Holy Spirit which Bishop Quinn would have had a strong affinity for in his role as Bishop and also the human spirit displayed in physical contests such as sport.









faction banner - aldous - blueBlue Faction is known as Aldous, named after Fr Geoff Aldous who was very involved in the life of the School and fondly remembered for his service to the school community during his time as Parish Priest from 1984-1992. 




The Symbols for Aldous Faction include the floral emblem of the wildflowers found throughout WA and in particular around the expanses between Perth and Geraldton where Fr Aldous moved after moving from St Gerard Majella. The dolphin is the animal chosen to represent Aldous Faction, again with the connection to the Indian Ocean, the element water and the colour blue. The crest motto, Citius means swifter and connects again with water and the dolphin.

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