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Dear Parents & Guardians


AGM News

The following parents have volunteered their services on the School Board for 2020: Clare Browne, Lien Le, Tom Monks, Norberto Flamenco & Moses Rogers. Thank you to these school community members for willingly sharing their time and skills for the benefit of St Gerard’s Primary School.


Staffing 2020

I am able to confirm staffing arrangements for 2020 as they now stand.

Principal: Mr Bristow

Assistant Principal: Mrs Vivante

Office Staff: Mrs Quick (Secretary) & Mrs Barrow (Finance)

Grounds & Maintenance: Mr Quick

Kindergarten: Mrs Gordon, Mrs Torre & Mrs Ontal

Pre Primary: Mrs Britton & Mrs Brazier

Year One: Mrs Favaro, Mrs La Cava & Mrs Fitt

Year Two: Miss Vartesi & Mrs Fitt

Year Three: Mrs Sheppard & Mrs Migro

Year Four: Mr Evans & Mrs Migro

Year Five: Mrs Laurence, Mrs Staley & Mrs Camps

Year Six: Miss Collova & Mrs Camps

Social Worker: Sr Sandra

Music: Mrs von Bergheim

Sport: Mrs Goode

Library: Mrs Di Carlo & Mrs Migro

Science: Mrs La Cava


Orientation Meetings

Just a reminder for parents with children starting Kindergarten or moving to Pre Primary next year that there is a meeting planned next week with the classroom teacher and support staff on the following dates and times. Kindergarten Meeting on Thursday 28 November at 9am and the Pre Primary Meeting also on Thursday 28 November at 2.00pm.


Year Six Graduation

A wonderful celebration has been planned on Wednesday 4th December for the Year Sixes to mark their graduation from primary school. We wish all our Year Six students well as they prepare to leave St Gerard’s Primary for their next adventure in high school next year.


Christmas Carols

Each class has been busy rehearsing their Christmas Carols which they will present to the school community on Friday 6th December starting at 6.00pm sharp. All students from Pre Primary to Year 6 need to assemble in the undercover area by 5.40pm. Kindergarten students should be taken directly to the School Hall where they will gather with their teachers. Students need to wear something Christmassy or in red and green colours. Families are welcome to gather in the Hall from 5.40pm. Please refrain from talking during the students’ performance, take any unsettled toddlers outside and switch phones to silent. Thanks!


Updating Family Information

Our School is moving to a new data system where all your family information is stored. Now would be a good time, as we move all family information over to the new system, to let Mrs Quick in the office know if any of your details have changed.


Best wishes!

Mark Miloro


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