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TERM 3, WEEK 1, 18th July 2018.



Dear Parents & Guardians


Term Planner

The Term 3 Planner was included in the last newsletter of Term 2. You might want to make note of the following activities and events that are taking place at St Gerard’s this term:

  • Sunday 19th August, Sacrament of Confirmation for Year 6 candidates
  • Friday 24th August, Pupil free day, no school for students on this day
  • Monday 27th until Friday 31st August, Book Week
  • Monday 3rd until Friday 7th September, Book Fair
  • Tuesday 4th September, Open Night 6-8pm
  • Friday 7th September, Fathers’ Day breakfast & liturgy
  • Thursday 13th September, School Faction Athletics Carnival
  • Friday 14th September, Mercy Day and fete

More details on each of these activities will be communicated to families in coming newsletters.


Environmental Education

As has been communicated to families previously, from this term, St Gerard’s students will be encouraged to bring along their morning recess and lunch in a reusable container and limit the amount of wrappers and disposable packaging. The school will collect all fruit scraps to use in our worm farm and compost bin. All other uneaten food and wrappers will be taken home by students to be recycled (if suitable) or disposed of. In this way parents might see the amount of rubbish produced and work with your child to try and reduce the amount of rubbish through packaging. Each Wednesday students will be encouraged to participate in ‘Waste-Wise Wednesday’ where students are asked to pack their snacks and lunch in re-usable containers and avoid bringing any wrapping and packaging to school. Thank you for your support of this environmentally friendly initiative to help educate our future decision makers.


Here are some possible actions:

  • Provide fruit as a healthy food option– it’s got nature’s own packaging!
  • Buy products in bulk and pour out a single serve in a re-useable container. These are often cheaper to buy per serving!
  • Individually wrapped biscuits and yogurts are convenient but their packaging isn’t usually re-cyclable. Try and avoid!


Kindergarten Enrolments 2019

Interviews are underway for Kindergarten and pre-Kindergarten places for next year. Students who turn 4 years of age between July 1st 2014 and June 30 2015 are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2019. Any child turning 3 years of age in 2019 is eligible to join the pre-Kindergarten program once they turn 3. Please visit the School office for an enrolment form and to arrange an interview. Please let family & friends know that enrolments are being organised for 2019 now. Thanks!


Playgroup Starting

Last term Cailey D’Andrea from the Westminster Child & Parent Centre, visited St Gerard’s and promoted the idea of restarting our school playgroup for interested families. I am pleased to say that there is enough interest to start up a playgroup which will run on Wednesday mornings after school starts. The first playgroup session will be next Wednesday 25th July in the School Hall. Please come along with any children aged 0-4 to enjoy a fun session and make some new friends!


Confirmation Commitment Mass

All Year 6 candidates who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation later this term are expected to attend the 9.30am Mass at St Gerard Majella Church this Sunday, 22nd July for their Commitment Mass.


Subway Lunch Orders

Lunch orders will not be available this term through Subway as the service was not well supported last term. We may trial it again in fourth term when the weather is warmer.




Best wishes!

Mark Miloro


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