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TERM 3, WEEK 3, 7TH AUGUST 2019.


Dear Parents & Guardians


Sacrament of Confirmation

Thank you to our candidates’ families for presenting your Year Six children for the sacrament of Confirmation so focussed on their special day. Thank you to Mrs Vivante for coordinating the Sacramental program with Majella Primary and the Parish. Thank you to Mrs Collova, Year 6 teacher for preparing the St Gerard’s candidates so well. It was a beautiful celebration in our Parish church.


Cross Country

The Year 3-6 students ran their cross country trials last Friday in order to finalise the interschool cross country team who will compete against other Catholic Schools in our north-east region. The interschool cross country will take place on Wednesday 28th August.


Book Week

The students are invited to participate in the activities being organised by Mrs Di Carlo and Mrs Migro through our school library during Book Week from Monday 19th August to Friday 23rd August. There are incursions and excursions being planned as well as a whole school Book Parade starting at 8.50am on Tuesday 20th August. Students in all years are encouraged to dress up in their favourite book character on this day to celebrate the joy that books give us in our lives.


Religious Literacy Assessment

The Year 3 & 5 students each year sit a religious assessment to test their knowledge in different areas of topics covered through their religion lessons. This will take place this Thursday for these students across all Catholic schools in WA.


Keep it Green!

The School’s commitment to the environment took another leap forward over the school break when the school worked with the City of Stirling to reduce the size of our large refuse bin and added a waste paper recycling bin, as well as a fruit composting bin. I urge parents to monitor the types of packaging that you are buying as a family and try where possible to minimise packaging and use re-useable containers to put snacks and lunches in. It’s great to see an increasing number of healthy lunches amongst the students too. Keep up the great work!


Best wishes!

Mark Miloro


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